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News: Program of the poster festival in Chaumont (FR) 2007
February 13, 2007, received from Etienne Bernard and Stephanie Merran

version française

18th International Posters and Graphic Arts Festival of Chaumont, France
May, 12 to June, 24 2007

Paul Rand (USA) - Silos/Maison du Livre et de l’Affiche - Musée de la Crèche
After acknowledging the work of major 20th European figures of graphic design, the 2007 Festival crosses the Atlantic to present Paul Rand’s work, one of the modern American designer. He elaborated numbers of posters, children books, logos, visual identities that have become international standards such as for the American computer company IBM, Westinghouse, ABC broadcast or the international shipping company UPS to name a few.
Potential parternships :
+ Université de Yale (New Heaven, Etats-Unis)
+ Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, Etats-Unis)
+ Musée National d’Art Moderne/Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France)

Richard Niessen (NL) - Chapelle des Jésuites
For the last five years, the Chapelle des Jésuites has become the touchstone of graphic contemporary experiments. Within "Haut les Pays-Bas!", a Dutch season in France, the 2007 Chaumont Poster Festival challenges Richard Niessen to settle down in the baroque chapel. His answer is as architectural as it is graphic. Posters, flyers and other prints constitute a modular urban environment. Visitors are invited to wander around this graphic production.
Potential Partenerships :
+ Mondriaan Foundation (Amsterdam, Pays-Bas)
+ Fonds BKVB (Amsterdam, Pays-Bas)
+ Ambassade du Royaume des Pays-Bas (Paris, France)
+ « Haut, les Pays-Bas ! », une saison néerlandaise en France, CULTURES France

French impressions - Garage
Each year the presentation at the Garage is dedicated to discover the novelties of the European graphic field. After London, Arhnem and Berlin, the Festival will highlight the French scene. Etienne Hervy and Vanina Pinter have selected a large panel of studios and free-lance graphic designers to present the energetic and eclectic French scene throughout an unusual setting.

Photographisme (preliminary title) - l’Hotel de Ville
Graphic design is a collaborating art, mixing all sorts of disciplines from comtemporary art to fashion and performing arts. For the 2007 Chaumont Poster Festival, Alex Jordan (coartistic director) explores the contemporary poster collection of Chaumont and highlights the priviledged relationship between graphic design and photography.

International Poster Competition - Entrepot des Subsistances
The International Poster Competition is a key element of the Festival’s success. The postercollection of the city of Chaumont, (with its 25 000 items received from world wide participants), gives a large view of graphic design of the last 20 years from over 60 countries. A selection of the received posters is displayed at the Entrepot des Subsistances. A Jury of five renown graphic designers from four continents will award three prizes on Saturday, May, 12th 2007. The jury will also attribute an "Excellence Award" ICOGRADA.

The competition "Students, All to Chaumont !" - Entrepot des Subsistances
This year, in association with the weekly newspaper Courrier International, the 14th "Students, All to Chaumont" Competition deals with the social issue of "Global Warming". A selection of the received posters is displayed at the Entrepot des Subsistances. A Jury will award three prizes on Saturday, May 12th 2007.

Workshops - Entrepot des Subsistances
Seven Ateliers-Workshops, also dealing with the social issue "Global Warming" , will welcome 105 students from all around the world. Cyril Cohen (France), El Fantasmas de Heredia (Argentina), Anne-Marie Latrémollière (France), Christoph Niemann (USA), Haichen Zhu (People’s Republic of China), Liza Ramalho (Portugal), and Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland).

Mathias Schweizer conceives the Festival poster and its visual identity for 2007.

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