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News: Experimental exhibition by the "Chargoosh" group in Tehran
February 14, 2007, received from Maryam Enayati

Exhibition poster by Amirali Ghasemi
The "Chargoosh" group, an informal association of some young iranian graphic designers working independently has an exhibition at Laleh Art Gallery in Tehran :

Drawer - visual snippets of "Chargoosh"

240 works from Maryam Enayati, Farhad Fozouni, Behrad Javanbakht and Iman Raad are presented in this exhibition.

The presented collection is a complex variety of Chargoosh group (visual snippets), such as rough drafts, notes, photos illustration, typography and the details occur during completion of a graphical work from the ordering pointing through the final steps.

Laleh Art Gallery
Fatemi Ave.,
Close to Laleh Hotel, Tehran, Iran

February 17 - 22, 2007
Opening February 17, 2007, from 16-20
Visiting hours 9-13 15-19

Photoshop R. Wanner
Maryam Enayati
Photo R. Wanner
Farhad Fozouni
Photo R. Wanner
Behrad Javanbakht
Photo R. Wanner
Iman Raad

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