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News: Ahn Sang-soo wins Gutenberg prize
February 9, 2007, received from Guy Schockaert

Photo R. Wanner
Ahn Sang-soo in Basel, 2005

Poster by Ahn Sang-soo
Ahn Sang-soo (b. 1952), the famous poster designer and typographer from South Korea, will be awarded the Gutenberg-Prize by the city of Leipzig, Germany, on March 23, 2007, for his outstanding contributions to the art of the book.

The prize, worth 10' 000 Euro, has been awarded annualy since 1959, and previous winners include Werner Klemke, Fritz Hellmuth Ehmcke, Solomon Telingater, HAP Grieshaber, Gert Wunderlich, Jiri Salamoun, Yu Bing-Nan, Oldrich Hlavsa, Kveta Pacovska, Jost Hochuli, and Irma Boom.

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