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News: Slawomir Iwanski exhibition in Lodz (PL)
March 8, 2007

2006, The goose, play by Nikolaj Kolada
("gaska" is used in polish like "chick" in english)
Slawomir Iwanski, b. 1947, has an exhibition of his posters at the Galeria Opus in Lodz, Poland, from February 9 till the end of March 2007.

He is a great poster designer, book designer and typographer, living in Lodz, the city where the famous constructivist Wladyslaw Strzeminski worked and taught from the 1930's to the 1950's, and which today hosts the biennial poster exhibitions "Typo & Konstrukcja", organized by the poster department of the National Museum in Poznan.

Iwanski designed the poster and catalogue for the big Roman Cieslewicz exhibition in Poznan in 2006.

See more of his work at the Gallery web site, and read a short review of the exhibition (in polish).

  Photo R. Wanner
Slawomir Iwanski in Warsaw, 2006

Some of my favorites:

2005, 23. Fesival of theater schools

2006, drawing exhibition of Andrzej Grenda

2006, poster for a Holger Matthies exhibition in Warsaw

2007, Catalogue cover
(You can also read "Iwanski" upside down)

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