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News: Age discrimination in a poster competition Age limit now removed
March 9, 2007

An unknown organization good50x70 based in Milan, Italy, has issued a call for entries today for a poster competition on five burning social issues (AIDS, Human rights violation, War, Underdevelopment and Environmental damage). The aim of the organizers is "to increase public opinion awareness of who fights to improve life across the world".

The competition rules exclude participants older than 35.

As one of those being fenced out, I don't like this age discrimination. It is, in my opinion, just as bad as "whites only", "men only", "don't buy from jews" and other such unjust propositions. Coming from people who want to fight human rights violations it is a poor joke.

I have written to the organizers and to the institutions endorsing this project and asked them to drop the age restriction. Please do the same if you agree:

The age limit has been removed by the organizers on March 17, 2008, thank you for your support!
The competition has been added to the competition calendar. Stop writing, start drawing.

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