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News: Ebrahim Haghighi's posters for the Fajr film festival in Tehran
March 10, 2007, received from Ebrahim Haghighi

2007, World panorama, competition of international cinema
Ebrahim Haghighi recently sent me his posters for the 25. International Fajr Film Festival in Tehran, running from February 1 to 11, 2007.

The annual festival, started in 1982, is a major cultural event for the flourishing iranian film industry, and includes a competition for film publicity, like movie posters, photos and trailers. It has also sparked a lot of iranian posters just for the festival itself, for example those of Morteza Momayez for the 8th and 9th festival.

Ebrahim Haghighi, b. 1949 in Tehran, is a very active and versatile freelance iranian graphic designer, doing bookjackets, magazine design, logos, children's book illustrations, stage sets and costumes, and thanks god, also finds time to do posters.

  Photo R. Wanner
Ebrahim Haghighi in Tehran, 2004

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