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News: Paulo Moretto - Post more bills
March 13, 2007, received from Paulo Moretto

Exhibition poster by Paulo Moretto
The brazilian graphic designer Paulo Moretto shows in his second exhibition a series of typographical posters created between 2002 and 2007. Printed in letterpress or silkscreen, the posters were conceived as ironic chronics of not only local events (such as the 450th Anniversary of Sao Paulo), but also national ones (as the 2006 Brazilian elections, for instance) and even international ones (such as the war in Iraq). Some of the posters were previously presented in international exhibitions such as the Festival International de L'affiche et des Arts Graphiques de Chaumont - France, the Biennale International of Graphic Design Brno - Czech Republic and the International Poster Biennale - Warsaw, Poland.

Favor Colar Cartazes
Galeria POP
R. Dr. Virgilio de Carvalho Pinto 297
Sao Paulo - Brazil
March 1st - April 7th 2007

2002, Peace

2004, 450. Anniversary of the City of Sao Paulo

2005, Brasilis Grand Circus

2006, Brasilis Grand Circus

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