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News: Gunter Rambow Plakate, exhibition in Frankfurt/M, Germany
March 27, 2007, received from Gunter Rambow

Exhibition poster by Gunter Rambow, based on a theater poster from 1980
Exhibition: Gunter Rambow Plakate
19.04. 03.06.2007
Museum fuer Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt/M, Germany

Rambow's posters are unambigouos. His incisions, burnings, injuries, fractures and stains represent statements, positions positions that do not warn, demand or even instruct, but instead defy, like barriers that simply appear suddenly out of nowwhere in our paths to invade the idylls of our daydreams. There ist nothing in them that weakens the impact of these attacks or perhaps more accurately these intrusions upon our senses, no aesthetic braking maneuver, no artistic evasive action. Nothing at all. In fact, these posters are nothing but energy accelerators and amplifiers in which Rambow confronts us directly and frontally. There is no way around them. (Volker Albus)

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