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News: Diseno Shakespear exhibition in Washington DC
April 7, 2007, received from Ronald Shakespear

Invitation card
Argentina will be in the spotlight with the Diseno Shakespear exhibit, which will run from May 22 through June 24 in the Katzen Arts Center at the American University, Washington DC (US).

Diseno Shakespear for decades has specialized in environmental design and its wayfinding work can be seen all over the country, from the Temaiken zoo to the Underground network of Buenos Aires. Exhibit will show 3D signs and panel images of 45 years work including the City Signage, Hospitals wayfinding sistem, Tren de la Costa, and so on. Previous exhibit of the show has been held in Xalapa, Guadalajara, Richmond/Virginia, Centro Borges and National Fine Arts Museum in Buenos Aires.

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