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News: Sarajevo exhibition by Nina Knezevic in Sapporo (JP)
April 8, 2007, received from Aleksandra Nina Knezevic

Poster by Nina Knezevic

Poster by Nina Knezevic

Poster by Nina Knezevic

View of the gallery

Date: May 13th to 31st, 2007
Open: 11:00 - 21:00
Place: SOSO gallery
Address: 1F Sansei Bld. S1 W13, Chuoku, Sapporo, Japan
Tel: 011-280-2240

Aleksandra Nina Knezevic is a designer based in Sarajevo, who has been professionally engaged in everything which is to be understood as deliberation and modelling of diverse communication packages. From Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia Herzegovina where still remains images of conflict-affected region, her message in the new form will be send, used the methodology of typographic studies.

This time SOSO will exhibit her works of Dingbat Font (typefaces consist of symbols) created from 65 different symbols of the city of Sarajevo, pictogram works on posters, bedges and small circular stickers, etc, from the exhibition at the 23rd "Sarajevo Winter". The posters will be sold too.

Aleksandra Nina Knezevic
She was born in 1973 in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. Nina graduated on Academy of art, graphic design department (Cetinje/Montenegro). Her works were awarded in Bosnia and Herzegovina (No Limit Advertising Festival, Collegium Artisticum) and both the Design Festivals world wide, (Slovenia, Japan, England, Italia...). She was Art Director of J.W.T. Studio Marketing Advertising Agency in Slovenia and was illustrator of magazine Elle (Slovenia) Since 2006, she is president of Bosnian Association of applied artist and designers (ULUPUBiH).,

Project "Redesign of city"
The topic of the 23rd Sarajevo Winter Festival is "Some other city". Inspired by this topic, the artists have created their own vision of "Some other city".

In Unitic gallery (Sarajevo), on the 10th of February 2007, an interesting exhibition was launched. Here the author wishes to imply that being in the gallery is equivalent of being in some other city. Aleksandra Nina Knezevic, author of the exhibition created 65 different symbols of the city of Sarajevo and from them then created Dingbat Font (typefaces consist of symbols). She presented stylised pictures placing them on the glass walls of the gallery. In that way these glass walls become part of her work, and not only a space where the artistīs work is displayed. The whole gallery becomes the artist's canvas.

Along with the promotion of symbols, actually, the promotion of Dingbat Font, the author also presented other works where these symbols were used. Apart from these posters and the font, redesigned antique postcards of Sarajevo were presented, which date back 100 years ago, now they were shown in an extremely different manner although the composition and the thought has remained the same.

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