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News: Mehdi Saeedi - the making of a poster
April 27, 2007, received from Mehdi Saeedi

Mehdi Saeedi (b. 1979 in Tehran) is one of those amazing iranian graphic designers who can blend easily traditional iranian techniques and styles with advanced graphic design technology.

He likes to use iranian characters to "make pictures with text", using a special fountain pen, in this case to draw the head of the mythical bird Simorgh and decorate it with the text "9th Biennial of Iran Graphic Design". The feathers are drawn with a kind of wooden brush, the pictures are then scanned, and processed further in the computer for the final design. The Simorgh is said to be so strong that he can carry an elephant, so you see the importance that Mehdi attaches to the pencil, the graphic designer's main tool.

The example above is a study for the poster for the 9th Biennal of Iranian Graphic Designers, to be held in Tehran this summer.


"9th Biennial of Iran Graphic Design" in persian

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