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News: A link list for posters
June 15, 2007 is a free service for saving and sharing bookmarks on a public web site. It belongs to Yahoo and has now more than 1 million registerd users who together deposit about 100' 000 bookmarks per day.

It is a social bookmarking service, which means that users can help each other to make their link lists bigger and better, as they cooperate like in Wikipedia, and that you meet friends with similar interests, like in flickr, youtube or myspace.

To help you find your way around in this ocean of links, you can attach keywords or "tags" to each of your bookmark, any number and any word that you like. Then you can use those tags to search in your own bookmarks, or in everybodies bookmarks.

I gave it a try to apply this new gadget to posters, and registered under the userid pospag to save all those web site adresses that cross my way.

My 400 poster bookmarks can be searched for countries, i.e. you can find all bookmarks about posters in the Nederlands, or by designer's name, i.e. all bookmarks about Troxler posters, and so on. I also found a lot of usefull information (and even more garbage, to be honest) by searching all of for the tag posters (21185 bookmarks found, all hand selected, compare this with the 138 million links found by Google). To my surprise, there is also a lot of poster information in flickr, the photo sharing site, and even in youtube, the video sharing site.

How will coexist with the Poster Page bookmark page? Well, this is a try, and at the moment, they complement each other, each has it's pros and cons. I would appreciate feedback on this point, and encourage you to participate by publishing your own bookmarks on posters.

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