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News: Jan Lenica movie on YouTube
July 14, 2007

The famous polish artist Jan Lenica not only designed posters but was also a master of animated cartoons. I found one of them, Nowy Janko Muzykant (New Janko the musician), on the interesting uruguayan graphic design blog seccion aurea (in spanish).

Jan Strekowski writes about it:

1960. A pastiche of Henryk Sienkiewicz's short story of the same name, its spirit evocative of Mrozek's WESELE W ATOMICACH [THE WEDDING IN ATOMICE]. Its style remindful of a folk art paper cutting, it showed a cosmic village of tomorrow, a fulfilled utopia. Awards: 1961 - Zloty Smok in Krakow, Syrenka Warszawska; 1962 - ZAiKS (Union of Stage Artists and Critics) award for script.

See for more information on Jan Lenica.

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