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News: Critic's Award at the 9th Iranian Graphic Design Biennial
September 10, 2007, received from Rang Magazine

Following the "9th Iranian Graphic Design Biennial", "Rang Magazine" awarded the "Rang Magazine Critics Prize" to three chosen designers elected among ten nominated designers -of a total number of 500, including all the categories- for their remarkable works. The criteria announced by "Rang Magazine critics committee" on the basis of which the prize was awarded includes the following:
  • Iranian indigenous design structure
  • Innovation in visual expression
  • Suggesting new Iranian design solutions
  • These prizes were awarded during the closing ceremony of "9th Iranian Graphic Design Biennial" held at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts.

    In addition to cash, each prize includes a custom designed and hand printed Rang Magazine T-shirt. The "Rang Magazine Critics Prize" is sponsored by "Maryam software group"

    Homa Delvari, for the poster titled "Dialogue" for applying Iranian traditional visual expression while carrying contemporary visual language and Innovative use of today's common pictorial icons like Cell phone, Yahoo! Messenger smileys along with Iranian decorative patterns.

    Morteza Mahallati, for the poster of "Parviz Shapoor's memorial" for creating a unique, artistic and modern image inspired by the rich traditional calligraphy and carrying an Iranian design structure while suggesting a modern expression, innovation in referring to visual traditions.

    Hadi Nassiri, for the logotype of "Matbakh Carpentry" for innovative referring to Iranian public calligraphic culture documents, artistic and innovative formation of the logotype suggesting the sound and form of a saw (tool frequently applied in carpentry)

    See for more information on The Iranian Graphic Design Biennials in Tehran.

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