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News: Erotic art exhibition in Puebla, Mexico
September 14, 2007, received from Lourdes Zolezzi

The following pictures were kindly provided by Lourdes Zolezzi, who also participated in the exhibition. The text is a Babelfish translation of an article that appeared originally in See for more links to erotic posters.

The Origin of the World: Salon Arterotico

We are pleased to invite to the opening of the exhibition The Origin of the World: Salon Arterotico, on Saturday August 11, 2007, in the Fabrica La Constancia, the first textile factory of Latin America and now considered Patrimony Cultural of our country.

The title of the exhibition is paraphrasing the famous picture of Courbet that remained hidden by more than 130 years because of its highly erotic content and that at the present time is exhibited as one of greatest works of universal art in the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. In a way, an analogy with the society of Puebla is generated, often considered on of the most conservative cities of Mexico but nevertheless it welcomes The Origin of the World: Salon Arterotico in which they are present pieces of contemporary art which they can generate some controversy between the spectators.

This exhibition is consequence of 10 previous Salons, that already had become a tradition of Puebla, as his present coordinator,Javier Gonzalez, explains : "the Independent Salon Arterotico is a autogestive event, that has exerted a great impact in the cultural life of Puebla. Throughout his history it has reunited the most varied production of local artists, national and international of diverse disciplines. The Salon from its origins constituted like a festive act surroundings to the eroticism, with the purpose of emphasizing the doubtless interrelation between art, sex and freedom. The absolute respect to the thematic interpretation and the content of the work has been from a principle its fundamental objective. Until the 2004 it had been an ephemeral exhibition, of a single night, in which the participation was through personal invitation, made in November of every year. In the 2005 the Tenth Salon was celebrated. In that occasion it extended his format and it presented/displayed one large collective exhibition. For the first time, the exhibition remained open to the public during ten days ". For this edition one looks for to print to the project a national and international character and to turn it maybe into an International Biennial the of Erotic Art in Puebla; for the accomplishment of this project Jaime Contreras invited itself to the Curador of art: With a selection of more than 70 national and international artists of different disciplines (painting, sculpture, photographs, video, installation, art object, performance, architecture, industrial design, graphical design, jewelry shop, philosophy), the exhibition is divided in different subjects, projects and sections, as for example the sexual influence of comic and in I specify the sleeve and hentai Japanese in international the pop culture; the relation of different parafilias (sadomasochism, voyerismo, narcissism, exhibicionismos, fetichismos, etc.) in the present social culture; the sexuality and the sexual thing in the contemporary art, the irony, humor, vulgar and the sarcasm of sex in the art and the fashion, like governing element of the eroticism and the contemporary sensuality.

Specific projects of perfomance, installation, video and mural appear, of artists who base their work on the eroticism and use their body like artistic proposal. Also industrial design and graphical design are opened to sections for, that mark the influence of the subject in our daily life; furniture and jewelry shop for public or personal use generate new an aesthetic one not of the fault but of the pride, a new utilitarian use without taboos. And finally, the graph like visual impact and social impact.

The Origin of the World: Salon Arterotico is also a freedom act: we are by the eroticism, we are born by the eroticism, without it we would not be... the art here is only another manifestation of the same one, then... why to hide it?

Curator: Jaime Contreras
General coordination: Javier Gonzalez
Curator of the graphic design section: Laura C. Gomez

Invited artists:
Otl Aicher, Dr. Alderete, Ramon Almela, Yara Almoina, Octavio Alonso, Laura Anderson, Luis Angarita, Carlos Arias, Gerardo Azcúnaga, Bala Studio, Enrique Beggar, Monica Bello, Rosa Borras, Luis Boix, Patrick Burgeff, Benito Cabanas, Eligio Calderon, Monica Castillo, Elizabeth Castro Regla, Citrico Grafico, Eduardo Colin, Santos Cuatecontzi, Ian Cuttler, Gabriel Martinez Meave, Gabriel de la Mora, Richard Depirro, Jordi G., Agusti Garcia, Gerardo Garcia de la Garza, Gis & Gus, Maurycy Gomulicki, Javier Gonzalez, Sergio Gonzalez Angulo, Francisco Guevara, Napoleon Habeica, Hula + Hula, Alberto Ibanez, Rocio Infestas, Cisco Jimenez, Juma, Jose Lazcarro, Selene Lazcarro, Alejandro Magallanes, Mia & Jem, German Montalvo, Ángeles Moreno, Richard Moszka, Luis Munoz, Nazario, Ricardo Nicolayevsky, Eric Olivares, Iker Ortiz, Jimena Padilla, Adolfo Perez Butron, Claudia Perez Pavon, Ambra Polidori, Ismael Posadas, Douglas Rodrigo Rada, Carlos Ranc, Ángel Ricardo Ricardo Rios, David Rivas, Gabriela Rodriguez, Carlos Rolando, Roberto Rugerio, Katiuska Saavedra, Raymundo Sesma, Federico Silva, Carlos Somonte, Marion Sosa, Ettore Sottsass, Óscar Tusquets, Carlos Villasenor, Lorenzo Ventura, Alvaro Verduzco, Yanina Herrera, May Zindel, Lourdes Zolezzi.

El Origen del Mundo: Salon de Arterotico
Inauguracion: Agosto 11, 2007, 12:00 hrs
Fabrica La Constancia
Carretera a fabrica No.10, Prolongacion Esteban de Antunano
Col. Luz Obrera, Puebla, Pue.

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