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News: Graphifest - a graphic design event in Budapest, Hungary
September 23, 2007, received from Tamas Futo

Exhibition poster by Jozsef Arendas

Tamas Futo, the chairman of the Association of Hungarian Graphic Design Studios, writes:

Aranyrajzszog Dij (Golden Drawing-Pin Prize) is one of the most important events in graphic design life in Hungary. The 6th exhibition will be open from 8 October to 22 October 2007 in Godor Klub, V. kerulet, Erszebet ter, centre of Budapest. It will be a part of Design Week Budapest 8, organized by Design Terminal Budapest .

Under one "umbrella" - called Graphifest - there will be two exhibitions of hungarian graphic design:

  • 6. Aranyrajzszog Dij (6th Golden Drawing-Pin Prize)
  • Helvetica in Hungary
An example of the works to be shown at Aranyrajzszog Dij is Tamas Futo's poster at left to celebrate the 125th birthday of the great hungarian composer and educator Zoltan Kodaly.

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