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News: Auction prices of 24 ' 000 posters
September 29, 2007, received from the International Poster Center, New York

Book cover
POSTER PRICES - 9th Edition is ready to ship

The revised and expanded 264 page book, your index and price guide to more than 24,000 posters offered at PAI's first 44 auctions, has just been published. It is absolutely essential for any collector and we urge you to order it now. The price is $60 ($70 foreign).


Should you have any questions:

Please call us at (212) 787-4000 or email us at

The International Poster Center
601 West 26th St (bet. 11th & 12th Avenues, 13th floor)
New York, NY 10001 212-787-4000

Jack Rennert, President of Poster Auctions International and a long time supporter of my poster activities, wrote in the acknowledgement section of the book: "Most helpful in this ninth edition as well as at all of our auctions, is the great lexicographer of posters, Dr. Rene Wanner. We - and the entire poster community - owe him a special debt of gratitude." Thank you, Mr. Rennert, we also owe a lot to you!

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