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News: Helsinki has a poster gallery and a Gorowski exhibition
November 27, 2007, received from Krtiska Rudzinski

Mieczyslaw Gorowski posters from the last 25 years
15.11.2007 - 15.02.2008

Poster Art Gallery
Cable Factory
Tallberginkatu 1 C 77
00180 Helsinki, Finland

The Poster Art Gallery was established in December 1999 and is located in Cable Factory, Culture Complex of Helsinki City. The Gallery´s activity is No-Profit and 2-3 month time of exhibition is free of charge for the artist.

Since 1999 we had about 40 exhibitions of well known poster artists from all around the world:

Tapani Aartomaa posters, Argentina - posters from Theatre de Colon, Lucian Bernhard posters from collection of Berlin Kunst Museum, Erik Brunn posters 1957 -2002, Movie posters from Dydo collection, Posters from Japan (Biennial 2001 Lahti exhibitors), Kan Tai-Keung , Kalarus , Krakov in poster, China posters, Croatia posters, Finish historical bookposters, Loiri posters, Macao posters, Karel Misek posters, Music poster, Olympic Games historical poster, Ojala posters, Orzel collection posters, Polish art posters, Peace posters, Love posters, Rosocha posters, Rosocha Tomaszewski in memoriam, Circus posters from Dydo collection, Swiss posters from Lahti postermuseum , Top of Finnish posters, Starowieyskis posters, Posters from Ukraine, Kyosti Varis posters, Posters from Esthonia, Wasilewskis posters, Mieczyslaw Gorowski posters.

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