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News: Seattle - Havana poster show
November 27, 2007, received from Daniel Smith

Poster by Art Chantry, Seattle
The Seattle-Havana Poster Show
Nov 1 - Nov 30, 2007

Verite Coffee in Seattle presents a sampling of The Seattle-Havana Poster Show which premiered at Bumbershoot, Seattle's largest music and arts festival in September 2007. The Seattle-Havana Poster Show is a selection of silkscreen-printed posters sharing cultural themes such as music, film, theater and other arts events. Artists include a range of talents, from Eduardo Munoz Bachs (1937-2001), one of the most famous Cuban poster designers of the modern era, to recent graduates of Havana's design school, el Instituto Superior de Diseno. These Cuban designers' posters are paired with the work of Seattle designers, from established artists such as Art Chantry and Jeff Kleinsmith, to up-and-coming works by Micah Barrett, Johann Gomez, and many others. After its Bumbershoot debut, The Seattle-Havana Poster Show will travel to Havana in 2008, where it will hang at el Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales (CDAV) and be shared with Cuban designers prohibited from traveling to the U.S. The Seattle posters will remain in Havana, a gift from this city's designers to CDAV's permanent study collection.

Verite Coffee, 2052 Market Street, Seattle, WA, USA
Hours: 7:30am - 10pm, Sunday - Thursday and 6:30am - 11pm, Friday - Saturday

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