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News: Majid Abbasi exhibition in Tehran
December 8, 2007, received from Majid Abbasi

Exhibition poster by Majid Abbasi
Posters at an Exhibition
A poster exhibition by Majid Abbasi

December 20-27, 2007
Vije Gallery
19 Third St. of Nowbakht, Khoramshahr Ave.
Tehran 1533864861-Iran
Telephone: 98 (21) 88 73 36 74

Majid Abbasi is best known for his production of book covers and cultural posters. His work falls into two categories. The first, rigorous classic design, in which images, metaphorical, surrealist and poetic, share a balanced space with typography. The charm of these images lies, on one hand, in their tacit meaning, a form of unresolved mystery, and on the other, in the elegance of their polished composition. Majid’s images balance empty space, use symmetry to create harmony, use light or colour to bring out contrasts, and maintain a respectful relationship between image and typography, choosing quiet dialog over confrontation.

Majid also contributes a sensitive and emotional outlook, such as the blurred, violent and painful image of a photographer murdered during the war against Iraq, or the portrait of the poet Sadeq Hedayat, clad in nostalgic flowers, that has become a «classic» image of contemporary Iranian design. Upon studying his images one becomes enveloped in a sombre, subtle and sensitive world.

The second category of his work is his typographic compositions. Within the international graphic context, more and more artists are adopting typography as image (Paula Scher, Philippe Apeloig, Catherine Zask), and this general movement has also influenced Iranian graphics. Nevertheless, the use of typography as image is nothing new to Iranian graphics, since in Persian culture calligraphy has historically been a predominant decorative element.

Carolina Rojas, 2006

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