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News: Gorska / Skakun theater poster exhibition in Warsaw
January 29, 2008, from 2+3D

Exhibition poster by Malgorzata Gurowska
Stowarzyszenie Tworcow Grafiki Uzytkowej STGU is pleased to invite you to an exhibition of

Posters for the Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz
by Joanna Gorska and Jerzy Skakun

2008.02.15, godz. 19.00
Galeria STGU
ul. Foksal 11, Warszawa, Poland

otwarcie wystawy 15.02.2008, godz. 19.00
galeria czynna w soboty w godz. 1416 lub na tel. 0793-52-46-32

Kontakt i informacje:

Joanna Gorska and Jerzy Skakun run the very active Studio Homework which produces real, original, strong, beautiful posters for theaters, movies, festivals. See their Blog, or the the link list for more information about Gorska and Skakun.

Theater posters for Bydgoszcz by Gorska / Skakun :

Some other recent posters by Gorska / Skakun :

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