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News: Sao Paulo posters
February 28, 2008, received from Paulo Moretto

You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition

Um Cartaz para Sao Paulo
Centro Universitario Maria Antonia
Rua Maria Antonia 258
Sao Paulo SP - Brasil
January 25th to March 2nd, 2008

To celebrate the 454th anniversary of the city of Sao Paulo, graphic designers and artists were invited to create posters presenting their ideas, opinions and interpretations on the metropolis, on its visual pollution and on the very presence of the poster in the urban environment. The results are part of the poster exhibition called "Um Cartaz para Sao Paulo" (A Poster for Sao Paulo). The graphic designer Paulo Moretto and the artist Alecio Rossi were responsable for the conception of this tribute to the city. Participants: Alecio Rossi, Allan Szacher, Apo Fousek, Bruno Porto, Chico Homem de Melo, Claudio Ferlauto, Claudio Rocha, Gilberto Tome, Guilherme Falcao Pelegrino, Guto Lacaz, Marcelo Fernandes, Marcelo Magalhaes, Marina Faria, Nasha Gil, Paulo Moretto, Priscila Farias, Rico Lins, Roger Bassetto, Vicente Gil e Visca.

Alecio Rossi

Chico Homem de Melo

Gilberto Tome

Marcelo Fernandes & Marcelo Magalhaes

Paulo Moretto

Vicente Gil e Visca

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