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News: Alireza Siddighi exhibition in Tilburg (NL)
February 29, 2008, received from Alireza Siddighi

Exhibition poster by Alireza Siddighi
Alireza Siddighi has a poster exhibition from March 16th until May 11th, 2008, in the Artroom72 Gallery In Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Alireza Siddighi

Artroom72 is a small Exhibition Room located in the centre of the town of Tilburg.

It's the purpose of this still young Art Gallery to exhibit the Abstract Arts. When you think of Abstract Art it will not be a poster that you would be thinking of in the first place. In any case you don't think of Art when looking at the image of a Poster, unless the Poster is advertising Art, of course. Why then a Poster Exhibition anyway?

A Poster must meet all sorts of requirements like simplicity, lucidity and it should catch the attention of the passer-by. Yet its lifespan is relatively short and after that the concept of a Poster is generally stored either in the (digital) archives or in a book. And then think of the constant stream of Posters appearing in the streets and in the media in all the countries of the world. In 2007 I first met Alireza Siddighi. I wasn't only struck by his charm, but also by his work which meant a break-through in the stale image of Posters as I looked upon them. It's the colourful styling of his work that gives evidence of his powerful skills. Here we are talking of a clearly persistent image formation in which we can frequently see the combined action of his Iranian roots (where he worked as an independent graphical designer) and the impact of western civilization. The way he handles pictorial elements placing them in an abstract context gives me the impression to be looking at much more than a Poster.

At the Exposition about 40 Works of Art will be exhibited. The Visitor will be literally embraced by Siddighi's work.

Kees Segeres, owner of the Gallery

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