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News: 9883.53km; Majid Abbasi exhibition and workshop in Toronto (CA)
March 3, 2008, received from Majid Abbasi

Exhibition poster by Kambiz Shafei
9883.53km; An exhibition and workshop by Majid Abbasi in Toronto, Canada

March 14-28, 2008;
TEL Building, Room 4023, Department of Design, York University
4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario M3J IP3, Canada
Phone: 1 (416) 736 58 85

"9883.53km" showcases a retrospective of book covers and posters designed by Majid Abbasi from 2000 to present. This exhibition illustrates the colorful and engaging design career of a contemporary Iranian graphic designer and typographer.

Majid will hold a workshop at the Department of Visual Communication of York University. The workshop, "Posters for Music", will be based on the theme of visualizing the musical masterpieces.

Both "9883.53km" and "Iranian Typography, 50 Year of Calligraphy and Typography in Iranian Graphic Design" (which was previously shown at the Basel School of Design FHNW/HGK) will be exhibited at York University beginning March 14th through the 28th of 2008.

A series of lectures will be given by Michael Renner (Head of the Basel School of Design), Gregory Vines (Tutor of the Basel School of Design), Majid Abbasi (Creative Director and Educator), Behrouz Hariri (Student of York University), and Kambiz Shafei (Student of the Basel School of Design). These lectures will offer a diverse array of perspectives on Iranian graphic design and typography to the audience at the York University, Toronto.

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