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News: The Chaumont Festival poster and program is online
March 10, 2008, received from Lionel Dupontreue

Festival poster by Frederic Teschner, one of a series of 5
See the official web site for more details about the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont, France, May 24 to July 6, 2008.

Highlights this year include a Josef Mueller-Brockmann exhibition, a Paul Cox exhibition in the Jesuit Chapel, and graphic design from Zuerich in the Grand Garage.

Jury members are:

Youmin Yuan (China)
Carolien Glazenburg (Pays-Bas, curator of graphic design)
Vincent Perrottet (France, co-artistic director of the Festival)
Malte Martin (France)
Christophe Jacquet, aka Toffe (France)

International competition:
Majid Abbasi (Iran–Director of the Tehran Poster Biennale)
Nicholas Blechman (USA)
Kiko Farkas (Brazil)
Igor Gurovich (Russia);
Paula Matusiak (Netherlands)

Student competition:
Pierre Bernard (directeur co-artistique du Festival)
Céline Debresne (France)
Livia Marchand (France)
Philippe Delangle (France)
Marie Bruneau (France)

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