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News: Iranian typography exhibition in Toronto, Canada
March 10, 2008, received from Kambiz Shafei

Exhibition poster by Kambiz Shafei
Iranian Typography
50 years of calligraphy and typography in iranian graphic design

14. March - 4. April 2008
Reception: 28 March, 17:30

Studio 4, TEL Building, Department of Design, York University
4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario M3J IP3, Canada

Iranian Typography Exhibition which was originally held last spring at the Basel School of Design (FHNW/HGK) is now going to Toronto's York University.

The exhibit showcases a diverse collection of works by contemporary Iranian graphic designers that illustrate the depth and breadth of the richness of line, shape, color, harmony, texture and visual rhythm employed by this group of graphic designers.

The richness of Persian culture presents itself in this unique collection of works exposing the treasures of an evolving visual heritage. One of the qualities that makes current Iranian graphic design unique is its rich cultural history as demonstrated and displayed in the forms of calligraphy and typography.

In the introduction of the exhibition's catalogue Prof. Michael Renner, head of the Visual Communication Institute at the Basel School of design (FHNW/HGK), writes:

"We do not have to work hard to find links between the typographic arts of Iran and Switzerland. For example, the typographic work currently being produced in both cultures draws on a rich script-oriented tradition. It is the task of the present generation of designers to reinterpret those traditions in modern form. Of course, neither in Iran nor in Switzerland are they isolated from international influences.

Every design reflects a relationship with its respective tradition as well as with current international developments. Parallels can be discerned in the engagement of Iranian and Swiss designers with digital technology and its influence on visual communication."

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