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News: "China Design Now" exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum in London
March 13, 2008

Poster by Chen Shaohua for the GDC exhibition in Shenzhen 1992
The Victoria & Albert Museum has an exhibition "China Design Now" from March 15 to July 13, 2008. The show concentrates on Bejing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, which is featured as "frontier city" famous for beeing "the birthplace of contemporary Chinese graphic design".

The exhibition includes works by Wang Yuefei, Han Jiaying, Chen Shaohua, Bi Xuefeng, Alan Chan, Guang Yu and Han Zhanning.

Please see Han Zhanning's blog for more details and posters from the exhibition (in chinese).

Poster by Han Jiaying

Poster by Wang Yuefei

Poster by Han Zhanning

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