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News: Andrei Logvin and the KGB
March 13, 2008, received from Andrei Logvin

2008, Logvin Studio, Publicity for the pastry shop "Secrets & Rolls"
Andrei Logvin and his studio Logvindesign in Moscow recently did the advertising and identity for a coffee and pastry shop located on Lubianka Square, directly across the headquarters of the notorious russian secret service KGB. The shop's name is, naturally, "Sekrety i Bulochki" (Secrets and Rolls), an ideal place to exchange gossip and secrets.

Old joker Andrei could not resist to slightly modify one of the holy soviet poster icons to promote capitalistic gluttony and greed!

1952, Nikolai Sokolov & Arkadii Intezarov, Keep the military and state secrets strictly

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