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News: 58 posters for the Brussels World Expo 1958
April 16, 2008, received from Karl Scheerlinck

poster by Leo Marfurt

poster by Frans Mettes

poster by Paul Ibou

58 Posters for Expo 1958

This exposition focuses on the promotion campaign for Expo 58, which was set up professionally and massively. This was the first time where several offical posters, their exact creation date, the amount of copies, different language variants etc. are considered. The expo shows the 58 most important posters which had to enthuse the people in Europe and the US for a trip to Brussels. Posters, frequently designed by the large ones, appeared for the departments and pavilions. Stunning promotional folders had persuade the belgians of the importance of a pleasant reception and more courtesy. Also commercial products and even film producers profited of the Expomania. A beautiful publication in colour, a real must-have, was published by Plaizier (Brussels) especially for the expo, which travelled to the Netherlands afterwards.

Expo april 9th - june 6th 2008; weekdays - weekend may 1st - may 4th 11 - 17h
Internationaal Perscentrum Vlaanderen; Grote Markt 40, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
End 2008 (26.10.2008 - 11.01.2009) in the Affichemuseum Hoorn (NL) as well

Publication by:

Karl Scheerlinck (art historic, spec. Belgian posters),
Peter Wever (Dutch collector Expo 58),
Robert Lucas (responsible poster collection AMVC-Letterenhuis)
Beautiful set with text and catalogue (38 p.) in Dutch and French + 12 separate coloured postcards
Published by Plaizier: €12,50
Order here

Represented artists
Belgian artists: Jacques Richez, Lucien De Roeck, Leo Marfurt, Julian Key, Charles Rohonyi, Paul Ibou, Raoul Servais, Corneille Hannoset... Foreign artists: Benard Villemot, Jan Bons, Frans Mettes, Dan Reisinger, Antônio Bandera, ...

Please see the original web site on Belgian Poster Pages for more info.

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