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News: 21. Warsaw Poster Biennial events program
April 17, 2008, received from Katarzyna Matul

5.06 (Thursday)

6.00 p.m.
The Exhibition of Works by Waldemar Swierzy
Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu "Hoza",
ul. Hoza 40, Warszawa
This is the fifth exhibition of works created by Waldemar Swierzy in the history of the Gallery. This way the Gallery aims at emphasizing the importance of the graphic designer in the field of Polish Poster. The exhibition will show 40 works, including the litographies created by Swierzy in cooperation with the Gallery S2 in Las Vegas, US.
The exhibition is open until the end of June

8.00 p.m.
Eugeniusz and Max Skorwider – Posters
Galeria Krytykow Pokaz,
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 20/22, Warszawa
The exhibition is open until the end of June

6.06 (Friday)
The Day of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts

12.00 p.m.
Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts Students Annual Exhibition
Academy of Fine Arts, ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 5, Warszawa
The exhibition is open until 20.06

4.00 p.m.
See the Music
Centrum Lowicka,
ul. Lowicka 21, Warszawa
Exhibition co-organized with Centre du Graphisme in Echirolles. The exhibition will present results of workshops conducted by Professors: Jean-Pol Rouard, Thierry Sarfis, Lech Majewski and Karel Misek with the students from Fine Arts Academies: Erg in Brussels, Maryse-Eloy in Paris, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Usti University “Nad Labem”.
The exhibition is open n until the end of June

6.00 p.m.
Atelier. Works by Students of Professor Niklaus Troxler
Galeria Ateneum Mlodych,
ul. Piwna 51/53, Warszawa
The exhibition will show works designed by students of professor Niklaus Troxler from the National Academy of Arts and Design in Stuttgart. This is the second scene of the cyclic presentations of graphic design studios in Poland and abroad.
The exhibition is open until 27.06

8.00 p.m.
20 International Poster Biennale Laureates
Michel Quarez (France), Aimo Katajamäki (Finland), Uwe Loesch (Germany)
The exhibition is organized in co-operation with French Institut in Warsaw, Embassy of Finland in Warsaw and Goethe-Institut in Warsaw.
Instytut Sztuki Mediow Wydzialu Grafiki Warszawskiej ASP,
ul. Spokojna 15, Warszawa
The exhibition is open n until the end of July
Exhibition Curator: Maria Kurpik

7.06 (Saturday)

12.00 p.m.
21 International Poster Biennale Jurors
Fabryka Trzciny, ul. Otwocka 14, Warszawa
This is the unique occasion to see posters created by distinguished personalities of graphic design in the world, invited to become the Jury members of the 21 International Poster Biennale. They are: Xavier Bermudez (Mexico), Tomasz Boguslawski (Poland), Jianping He (Germany), Anette Lenz (France), Uwe Loesch (Germany), Marcin Wladyka (Poland).
The exhibition is open until the end of June
Exhibition Curator: Maria Kurpik

1.30 p.m.
C.K. Designers
Nizio Gallery,
ul. Inzynierska 3 lok. 4, Warszawa
Design as philosophy of life, as a combination of solidity, intelligence, cheerfulness and joy of life, that is - the characteristics of inhabitants of the past magnificent Austro-Hungarian Empire. This is the message presenting exhibition of students’ works created during workshops organized together by the Art Institut of the Art Department in Cieszyn, Silesian University in Katowice and the Art Department of Ostrava University.
The exhibition is open until 5.07
Exhibition Curators: Lukasz Klis, Sebastian Kubica

4.00 p.m.
Biennale a la francaise
la Galerie,
Instytut Francuski w Warszawie,
ul. Senatorska 38, Warszawa
Presentation of posters designed by French graphic designers that received First Prizes at the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw from 1966 until 2006.
The exhibition is open until the end of July
Exhibition Curator:

6.00 p.m.
Press Conference and the Announcement of the 21 IPB Jury Verdict
Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie,
ul. St. Kostki Potockiego 10/16, Warszawa

8.00 p.m.
21. International Poster Biennale
» Official Inauguration
» Announcement of the Jury Verdict
» Opening of the Competitive Exhibition
» Picnic and the Concert in the gardens of the Poster Museum at Wilanow
Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie, Oranzeria Palacu Wilanowskiego,
ul. St. Kostki Potockiego 10/16, Warszawa
The exhibition in the Poster Museum at Wilanow will show 518 posters qualified in the categories for
Professional artists: Ideological (A), Cultural (B) and Advertising (C). 149 posters qualified in the
category Henryk Tomaszewski Golden Debut will be exhibited in the Orangery of the Wilanow Palace.
On June 5th and 6th all posters will be judged by the International Jury.
The exhibition is open until 7.09
Exhibition Curator: Katarzyna Matul

8.06 (Sunday)

10.00-2.00 p.m.
Conference "Poster on a Stage"
Warsaw Biennale has pleasure to invite organizers of international poster and graphic design reviews and encourage them to share their experience. Together we will reflect upon a form and a way this kind of events should follow. The speeches addressed by our lecturers will be followed by a panel discussion which will be focused on a role of such events in a development of graphic design and a way they affect its everyday form. The participants of the conference are as follow: Xavier Bermúdez (International Poster Biennial in Mexico), Apex Lin Pang-Soong (Taiwan International Poster Design Award) and Dorota Folga-Januszewska (Warsaw International Poster Biennale).
Conference organization: Agata Szydlowska

4.00 p.m.
Signs of Sport.
Olympic Posters from China
Centrum Olimpijskie,
ul. Wybrzeze Gdanskie 4, Warszawa
30 posters, chosen by the International Jury among 400 submitted by Chinese graphic designers and
students. The subject of sport is presented in these works through Chinese Signs.
Exhibition Curator: Thierry Sarfis

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