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News: May '68 posters in the streets of Brussels
June 1, 2008, reveived from Teresa Sdralevich

Some of the thousands of posters that have been freshly pasted in Brussels
68 mai 08
Don't celebrate Mai 68, print it!

On the 40th anniversary of Mai 68, a few people in Belgium and France have decided to pick up the spirit and create new posters, print them (in silkscreen) and paste them in the streets. "Design" and silkscreen workshops, along with dozens of printing sessions, have been organized. A book of 40 offset posters ready to photocopy has been assembled, and it goes on on the website (in french). There you may find dozens of ready-to-print files. Get in contact!
(the web site has a rich selection of "new" as well as "original" May 68 posters)

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