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News: Posters on flickr
June 2, 2008

Screenshot of my flickr album "Street posters in Berlin 2006"

flickr is a web site with a huge database of pictures, currently more than 2'000'000'000, and more than a million are added every day.

Tags can be attached to each picture that you upload to help find the ones in which you are interested. There are now about 140'000 pictures with the tag poster , so this is potentially a rich source of information.

As in all these mass applications, like google, and so on, the amount of garbage that you find is enormous, but nevertheless, you also find a lot of useful and surprising material. My poster link list for example points to 70 albums on flickr with poster pictures. One of the best known has reproductions of 1469 posters from the former Soviet Union.

I have decided to join the game and started my own flickr account with the username pospag. It currently has two albums about posters, Street posters in Mexico City 2004 and Street posters in Berlin 2006 with a few hundred pictures in it. I plan to add more, inshallah.

Try it out, or better yet, start your own account (the first 200 pictures are free) and let me know about it. Just think: If every poster fan would take pictures of the street posters in his city, and put them in a flickr album, it would be paradise on earth ...

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