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News: Shahnameh, The Fourth Iranian Typography Exhibition
June 2, 2008, received from Majid Abbasi

Exhibition poster by Saed Meshki
Shahnameh, The Fourth Iranian Typography Exhibition
Tehran: June 8-14, 2008; Iranian Artists' Forum
Isfahan: June 8 - July 10, 2008, Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art
Mashhad: June 21-26, 2008, Mirak Gallery

The 5th Color, after its three successful Exhibitions on Iranian Typography and the high enthusiasm and attraction given by the Iranian graphic designers as well as its reflection throughout the World, hereby invites you to take part in the Fourth Iranian Typography Exhibition titled "Ferdowsi's Shahnameh".

The Shahnameh is the poetic recital of the oldest legendary and mythical Iranian narrations which has been written in verses by Hakim Abol-ghasem Ferdowsi (935-1020). He spent most of his life writing it, with this work of art he became one of the greatest poets of the world. Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, in quality as well as in quantity is the greatest classical literary work in the Farsi language; it may even be counted as one of the most important epic works throughout the world.

Ferdowsi is a poet for all times, his way of writing in the Shahnameh is simple and clear. In this collection the generosity and bravery of the well-known Iranian heroes and their astonishing and wonderful stories, their challenges with demons, giants and witches has been written and composed with great beauty. Even today after one thousand years, the Shahnameh as one of the few literary masterpieces of the world with its interpretation opens new doors to the great dimensions of Ferdowsi's way of thinking.

The exhibition will simultaneously held in Tehran (Momayez Gallery, Iranian Artists' Forum), Isfahan (Museum of Contemporary Art) and Mashhad (Mirak Gallery) showing 45 works of 45 graphic designers out of 312 designers and students' works with an accompanying exhibition in Tehran from the selection of designed works with "Zar" typeface, in memory of Hossein A. Haghighi. An English/Persian catalogue containing works presented in the exhibition will be printed and is available at the opening by Yassavoli Publications.

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