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News: My Trilogy; a project by Bijan Sayfouri
June 17, 2008, received from Bijan Sayfouri

  MY TRILOGY; a project by Bijan Sayfouri
Poster exhibition of MFA students of graphic design, Soureh University, June 15-19, 2008, Ayeh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

"My trilogy" is a project by Bijan Sayfouri which he experienced from 2002. The story begins with a lecture by the teacher and then a critical frank conversation about history, generation and society. A few hours of discussion, thinking and then designing. Now the students are involved with the concept and they are working on visual expression of these three titles: "my generation", "my city" and "my homeland". This is a trilogy that could be the structure of their philosophy of existence. In each session, after correction and discussion about the works by Bijan, a roundtable with teacher and students running and at the end of the session, it will be voting for the best work in each student's point of view.

The final conclusion at the end of the semester, after these all concerning and hard works, will be a series of conceptual posters that become the best works of their designers.

"My Trilogy" is an exhibition of a selection of the final works of MFA students of graphic design, Soureh University. Bijan Sayfouri has a plan to exhibit a larger selection of this project, from all these years, in a near future.

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