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News: Environment poster exhibition in Curitiba, Brasil
June 27, 2008, received from Marcos Minini

Exhibition poster by Marcos Minini
The Power of the Urban Message
10 posters for a more social-environmentally responsible society

With the objective of broadening the view, the complexity of form and conceptual coverage of the issue, 10 Brazilian designers from different generations and experience were invited to participate. From designers of international acclaim Miran, Rico Lins and Jair de Souza, representatives of the generations of the 60s and 70s, including important names of the 80s and 90s like Silvio Silva Jr., Alexandre Magno, Marcos Minini, Ale Tauchmann, Ericson Straub and Zé Henrique Rodrigues, as well as new talents like Renan Molin.

These posters, in addition to being part of an exhibition at the Print Museum of the City of Curitiba - the Baron's Manor and a catalog, will be displayed throughout for a month, thus affording excellent visibility and impact. The exhibition's curators are Marcos Minini and Zé Henrique Rodrigues.

The exhibition opens on June 25th and can be visited until August 31st, 2008.
Museu da Gravura Cidade de Curitiba - Solar do Barao
Rua Presidente Carlos Cavalcanti 533, Curitiba, Brasil
Tel.: 3321-3240 e 3321-3267
Tuesdays to fridays: 9am-12am / 1pm-6pm Saturdays and sundays: 12am-6pm

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