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News: Animal poster exhibition at the Dutch Poster Museum in Hoorn (NL)
May 28, 2008, received from Alireza Siddighi

Exhibition poster by Alireza Siddighi
Beestenboel - dieren op affiches (animal affair - animals on posters)

Exhibition at the Affichemuseum, Grote Ooost 2-4, Hoorn, The Netherlands
June 29 - October 12, 2008

But well that you cannot hear them, that complete animal affair on the gelijknamige tentoonstelling in the poster museum in Hoorn 29 June till 12 October 2008. It a oorverdovende hurricane of gebrul, whistle, gesnerp, getoeter, gestamp, gekraai, have been bleated and barking of all those large and small animals on the posters which fill this summer the walls of the years now five existing museum in the heart of the old IJsselmeerstad.

Animal affair brings together approximately 125 posters of the most divergent styles, advertisers, eras and intentions which have however one thing in common: there an animal stands represented on. Animals to come look at (zoos, circuses), to protect (action groups,) or correctly to fight (rats), to feed (dogs and cat fodder), as a symbol ( a horse for speed, a cock for railway publicity) or genotzuchtig eat. See in that last category for example the spry picture how half of a fat fish sticks out irrecoverably above a pan on onzachtzinnig fire.

But also the surprising message can draw an animal to the longest end, like in the reversed world on the spirituous poster with dubbelgeklapte, shrieking papagaai. The animals, bowl let laugh also once to Ouwehand.

The Ark of Noach too small be for all hippopotamuses, seals, giant spiders, chickens, tigers, dogs, sea cows, birds, pinguins and already the other swimming, flying or rapidly running away gedierte that have been marched in in the old patricierswoningen, later waterschapsgebouwen, which accommodate now the unique poster museum.

Posters are a sign of the time but the way people handle animals is of all times. They it that our time asks also attention for the importance of the animal, such as we the pleasant dog sees doing which records lift a voorpoot to touch just as a rushing past overcoat: Think of animal day.

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