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News: Two day political poster event in Jacksonville FL (US)
September 21, 2008

Exhibition poster
Partisan the Sea - A Politically Opinionated Poster Show
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For two nights only, we will part the salty, swelling ocean, leaving every topic, candidate and cause stranded face-to-face on the sea floor to be debated with no where to run and no spokesperson to hide behind. An open floor for discussion to the soundtrack of live music acts both nights and whistle wetting refreshments for all to enjoy.

Dates & Times
September 26th, 7pm-11pm
October 1st, 6pm-11pm

More on Partisan the Sea
This poster show, as you may have been able to tell by the title, is 100% Partisan. Yes, that means you can say whatever the hell you want with No Boundaries and No Borders. A direct demonstration of the first amendment in the form of the American Youths favorite wall decoration, posters! With the eve of a historical election on the horizon, in which this country is going to call amongst all of its citizens to come to its rescue, we wanted to do our part to inspire, enrage, and provoke the people of this country and our community to make educated choices and make their vote count.

Jacksonville, The largest city land-area in the nation, is making significant progress everyday to become not just another southern city, but the City of the South. Thanks to the many young people who make valiant efforts to break away from the stereotypical southern right wing way of thinking. A separation of church and state if you will, severed by the mighty St. Johns River. We want to bring awareness to the many artist and individuals of this generation who don't look at politics as just something that a bunch of grouchy old men yell about somewhere up in Washington, but as a vital process of our country that effects our everyday lives.

For years, many artist have been poking fun of politicians and their practices through satire and secretly revealing the unbridled truths and scandals by way of cleverly crafted artwork and design. And on September 26th and October 1st of this two thousand and eight year, we want to bring these types of works to the forefront of this drug through the mud, ballot botched Republican Red state. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, support McCain or Obama, Voted for Bush or Kerry, or like ketchup or mustard, we want your opinions to speak loud and clear. Or maybe your concern is not with a party or particular candidate even, but simply with matters of global warming, poverty, or the rising gas prices... we want those too. All are welcome, none turned away. No need to the plead the 5th. Just real opinions, real problems, and real solutions. And if the least we accomplish is that we piss off some old man, light a spark under some punk kids ass or motivate one mother or father to crawl out from under their mortgage paying 9 to 5 job for even an hour to make a choice, then it was worth every second of time and every finger lifted.

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