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News: Two new posters from Oded Ezer
September 24, 2008, received from Oded Ezer

I love Milton is Oded Ezer's homage to Milton Glaser's I NY logo

"This 70x100 cm poster is a homage to Milton Glaser, whose famous I NY logo is one of the things that stuck into my mind forever. Glaser's design is simple and direct, and I felt it will be still recognisable even if I will make it more complicated"

Helvetica Live! is Oded Ezer's interpretation to the famous typeface

"...formal intersections between the famous Helvetica letters and various object silhouettes. Consciously ignoring "logical" context, I was influenced by Dadaist methods and contemporary virtual hybridizations of animals and human beings. These typo hybrids suggest a more playful and humorous attitude to typography, a field that often suffers from an unjust reputation of an overly strict and serious one."

Oded Ezer (b.1972) is an Israeli typographer, type designer, artist and lecturer. Details about his previous projects:

The Finger
The Biotypography project
The Rooms project
Various typographic posters
Gestalten interview with Oded Ezer

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