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News: Rene now on Twitter
January 14, 2009

Screenshot of my Twitter page
Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service for posting and reading messages that are less than 140 characters long. It is like going to a party and listening to what people are talking about. You can search for keywords, for example posters, and every few seconds or minutes, some of the 3 million users of Twitter will mention "posters" in their blog entries.

As in all social web sites, you can connect to other people of similar interest and read what they are doing or saying, it is one way to filter out the gold from all the garbage.

Inspired by my son Andres, I gave it a try and opened a Twitter account. I am using the same username pospag as in Delicious, my public link list, and in Flickr, my public photo page.

Try it out, or better yet open an account yourself to tell us what you are doing. It is free, easy, and maybe fun.

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