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January 21, 2009

2006, Poster Taiwan Image by Leo Lin
When I suggested to students in Taiwan during my recent talks in Taipei, that they should put their poster portfolio on flickr, I never expected that it would take only a few days before I saw a taiwanese poster on flickr.

Only, it was not from a student but from Professor Leo Lin from National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, who put 37 of his works on flickr.

Hopefully, more students and graphic designers will follow Lin's example. For the designer, it is a free and easy way to publish his posters without the trouble of making and maintaining a web site. For fans and students of poster design, it is a fantastic resource and inspiration.

I estimate that among the more than 3'000'000'000 pictures now on flickr, maybe 100'000 are posters of the type you see on Posterpage. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find them. Using tags is one way, but this depends on the tagging skill of the uploader who can add any number of tags to his pictures to characterize them. I would suggest to use at least "poster", your family name, and your country or city, as tags.

To make it easier to find interesting posters, I made a list of Links to posters on flickr, which is now on the main menu of Posterpage. Try it out and let me know if you find more pages with posters.

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