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News: Poster exhibition by Piotr Karczewski in Lodz, Poland
January 25, 2009, received from Piotr Karczewski

Exhibition poster by Slawomir Iwanski
An exhibition of posters of Piotr Karczewskiego opens the activities of the new campus gallery 101-121.

The gallery was established at the initiative of Prof. Slawomir Iwanski and will present the work of teachers and students of the Department of Graphic Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. The current exhibition is a set of 29 posters of Piotr Karczewski from the years 2000-2008.

Piotr Karczewski is an assistant professor at the Laboratory of Graphic Design and Poster Design conducted by Slawomir Iwanski, and received his habilitation in December 2008. He primarily works in the field of graphic design. He is the author of posters, book designs, catalogues, folders, logos. He has done many publication and exhibition projects for his university. Since 1990, he has presented his work at numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

We invite you to the reception at the closing of the exhibition on 10 February 2009, at 13:00. Carolina Grudzinska is the curator of Galerie 101-121.

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