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News: "Hommage a Mucha" call for entries withdrawn
April 16, 2009, from Krzysztof Ducki

Poster by Yann Legendre
On April 15, the Hungarian Poster Society asked me to remove the call for entries for their "Hommage a Mucha" exhibition, five days before the deadline of April 20, 2009. They had requested publication on March 30, 2009.

I asked for an explanation, but have not yet received an answer. In a previous email, they hinted at problems with money and space and concluded with the remarkable sentence

We really feel it quite uncomfortable that everybody can design their own poster and we may loose the control over the lots of posters we receive and the final selection would offend some well known designer.

I am embarassed by this strange reversal from the Hungarian Poster Society and apologize for the wasted time and effort it may have caused.

Yann Legendre, the french graphic designer and a co-organizer of the Chicago International Poster Biennial is one of those affected. He had just finished his design and was ready to send it off when he heard the news.

It would be a shame if his beautiful work would disappear in a dark corner of his hard disk, and am happy that Yann agreed to show it on Posterpage.

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