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News: For Rene Azcuy's 70. birthday
April 29, 2009, from Osvaldo Gaona

poster by Osvaldo Gaona for Rene Azcuy

poster by Elmer Sosa Herrera for Rene Azcuy
The great cuban poster designer Rene Azcuy, now living in Mexico, celebrated his 70. birthday on April 28, 2009, and Osvaldo Gaona sent me the following mail: From: Osvaldo López Gaona
Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2009 2:25 AM
Subject: Rene Azcuy's 70 birthday exhibition in Puebla, Mexico

Friends, companions, students and people very near the teacher, we enormously celebrated the 70 years of a full life of joy, humor, passion, knowledge, concept and love by the design. To great amount of us René this passion instilled to us and we agreed in being enamored with the design. This exhibition is a small token of the affection that we felt by the teacher, Congratulations in these his first 70 years.

Please see web exhibition in:

We made an exhibition in the Institute of Superiors Studies in Architecture and Design celebrating this April 28th the70 birthday of a great master of design Rene Azcuy. He works with us here in the institute and we're really happy to share wit him.

Osvaldo Gaona
Director of IESAC
Puebla, Mexico

to which I replied

Dear Osvaldo

Your blog is a beautiful hommage to Rene Azcuy, and I made a link to it on Twitter which will automatically appear also in Facebook and Posterpage .

You find more links to Rene Azcuy on and to yourself on

Finally a little story:
I met Rene Azcuy some years ago in Mexico at a party. All the important people had a name tag on their jacket, but I was not so important and nobody knew me, and I was a bit lonely, all by myself. Rene Azcuy noticed it and felt sorry for me, so he gave me his name tag, saying "we have almost the same name, so thats OK with me". For the rest of the evening, everybody was very nice to me, saying "Hello Mr. Azcuy, we like your work so much". It showed me what a great man he is, please say hello and thank you to him.

best regards
Rene Wanner
Photos from Rene Azcuy's 70 birthday party and the exhibition are on Osvaldo Gaona's blog.

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