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News: International poster exhibition in Mashhad, Iran
May 31, 2009, received from Milad Shokouhi

Exhibition poster by Milad Shokouhi
Poster Exhibition of Vibre International Group

Opening: 30 May with a lecture from Mr. Eraj Anvari , Graphic design graduate of Art Deco from Paris.

Date: 30 May - 3 Jun, 2009

Address: The forum of artists of Mashhad , End of Beheshti st , Kooh Sangi st , Mashhad , Iran.

Designers: Milad Shokouhi (Iran), Ralph Schraivogel (Switzerland), Martin Woodtli (Switzerland), Annik Troxler (Switzerland), Erich Brechbuehl (Switzerland), Francois Canellas (Switzerland), Timo Berry (Finland), Goetz Gramlich (Germany), Yuri Gulitov (Russia), Yuri Surkov (Russia), Tomasz Kipka (Poland), and Matsuishi Hiroyuki (Japan),

Exhibition executive: Sara Shahabi

Vibre international group's manager: Milad Shokouhi

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