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News: Alain Le Quernec exhibition in Poznan (PL)
July 27, 2009, received from Basia Bogucka

Exhibition poster by Alain Le Quernec
Alain Le Quernec - Posters
Gallery of Painting and Sculpture
National Museum in Poznan, Poland
9 August - 27 September 2009

Opening Sunday August 9, 2009 12:00

Alain Le Quernec, an intriguing and in many respects unique artist, is the third laureate of the Jan Lenica Award conferred since 2001 by the National Museum in Poznan.

The art of Alain Le Quernec, a native of Brittany, tackles the contemporary problems of his home region but is at the same time strongly rooted in its history, tradition and culture. The artist's posters have been primarily commissioned by local clients. The political, social, and cultural content of the posters, such as the defence of political prisoners' rights or warning against the resurgent nationalism and political dictatorship, responds to current events, which the author frequently presents within a broader context, thus making them more universal and timeless.

The artist himself reflects with a tinge of irony:

My profession?
Poster designer? The word is not longer applicable.
Graphic designer? Too technical.
Artist? Too pretentious.
Advertising specialist? Do not insult me, please.
I am not sure whether there is a word that would define this profession.

I am not sure whether such a profession exists at all.

(M. Wlassikoff, Exposer - S'exposer. Galerie Anatome. Design Graphique, Paris 2005).

The monograph exhibition of Alain Le Quernec at the National Museum in Poznan introduces to viewers the artist's posters made over 3 decades, focusing primarily on the most recent works. Over 100 posters, including large-format prints, touch upon cultural themes, made e.g. for the opera in Rennes, theatre in Tarbes, museum Chateau des ducs de Bretagne in, city authorities of Quimper. They also relate to socio-political issues, including the readily recognisable ones: La Pub Tue, Bosnie, Henri (a poster dedicated to Henri Toulouse-Lautrec). Finally, there are works designed for various organisations: Amnesty International, Parti Socialiste (French Socialist Party), Comite de lutte contre les maladies respiratoires (Committee for Combating Respiratory Diseases), Charitable Fund Down Side Up (Foundation for Combating Down Syndrome).

Kindly join our programme accompanying the exhibition. Detailed information is available at in the section devoted to Alain Le Quernec

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