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News: Mark Gowing organizes the "EyeSaw" design exhibition in Sidney (AU)
August 7, 2009, received from Mark Gowing

Exhibition posters by Mark Gowing


From August 9-16, Australia's leading design studios will transform an inner-city Sydney laneway into an inspiring, outdoor exhibition with the theme of "Humanity/Equality", as part of Sydney Design 09.

EyeSaw is an annual event initiated by Mark Gowing Design that invites the country's top graphic designers to create and install a piece of visual communication in the public space of Omnibus Lane, Ultimo.

EyeSaw demonstrates the power of intelligent and thoughtful design and is backed by the Australian Graphic Design Association AGDA. A detailed catalogue will be published to commemorate the ephemeral work from the exhibition.

Highlights of EyeSaw this year will include a re-creation of a third- world back street; a global ideology typeset in a font made of the flags of the world; a poignant contribution involving the Israel/ Palestine separation barrier that will see a part of the Gaza Strip brought to Sydney; and a surprising tribute to one of the most important and successful examples of human rights graphic design in history.

EyeSaw encourages the community to engage with, enjoy and discuss graphic design and to recognise the power of the medium.

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