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News: Top20: World Graphic Design Stars, exhibition in Kiev
August 13, 2009, received from Aliona Solomadina

Exhibition poster by Aliona Solomadina
Top20: World Graphic Design Stars

20.08 - 20.09 2009

Kiev, Ukraine

From 20 August to 20 September 2009 the Modern Art Research Institute will present the exhibition “Top20: World Graphic Design Stars” ­­– posters from the collection of the International triennial of eco-posters “4 th Block”.

At the exhibition you may see the collections of the works created by Majid Abbasi (Iran), Nous Travaillons Ensemble (France), Vladimir Chaika (Russia), Shigeo Fukuda (Japan), Kazumasa Nagai (Japan), Yuri Surkov Russia), Alain Le Quernec (France), Takashi Akiyama (Japan), Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland), Kari Piippo (Finland), Yokoo Tadanori (Japan) , Jan Rajlich (Czech Republic), David Tartakover (Israel), Paula Scher (USA), Xiao Yong (China), Volodimir Lesnyak (Ukraine), Lex Drewinski (Germany), Jianping He (Germany) , Chen Fang (China), Dr . Peche + Melle Rose Laboratoires CCCP (France).

Organizers: Academy of Arts of Ukraine – Modern Art Research Institute, Ukrainian Association of Graphic Designers “4th Block”, Youth organization of the Ukrainian Design Union.

Gallery of the Modern Art Research Institute
18, str. Schorsa, Kiev, Ukraine

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