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News: News from 10. Tehran International Poster Biennial 2009
August 30, 2009, received from Ghobad Shiva

" Urgent Announcement of the 10th Tehranís International Poster Biennial (2009)

I hereby announce that 10th Tehranís International poster Biennial (2009), despite the recent incidents, will commence in its confirmed date. This biennial which is the proof of technical, artistic, and cultural aptitude of artists worldwide especially the creative young artists of Iran, will take place in the Contemporary Museum of Art and the House of Artists in Tehran.

However, it should be noted that preparation, schedule, and budget of the biennial is all contributed by the Iran Visual Art Center. The executor the biennial graphic from its first to seventh events was the Contemporary Museum of Arts in Tehran. Furthermore, three other national and international biennial of Tehranís poster took place simultaneously under the contract of IGDS.

However, the 10th Tehranís International poster Biennial regardless of low performances in the past, the Iran Visual Center has come to a decision to perform the international and national biennial independently each year. Meaning that in the year 2009, the 10th Tehranís International poster Biennial will take place and in the following year, 2010, the national exhibition; and after another two years, the international bi-annual will take place. Therefore, this will be the new schedule for the mentioned exhibitions which will start in the year 2009. This biennial will be established according to the contract signed with Tehranís institute for Promotion of Visual Arts, under the chairmanship of Ghobad Shiva ( However, it should be mentioned that no governmental system has interference in these biennial unless they violate Islamic rules.

I am looking forward for your posters in the biennial and if there are any inquires please do not hesitate to contact me."

Mohammad Khazaei (PhD)
The Secretary of 10th Tehranís International poster Biennial

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