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News: Yossi Lemel at Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm
September 2, 2009, received from Yossi Lemel

Exhibition poster by Yossi Lemel

Yossi Lemel, Israel's foremost graphic artist and poster designer, will be visiting Stockholm and Beckmans College of Design on 8-11 September, 2009. He will be bringing a selection of visually powerful political posters that will be exhibited at the college, together with works produced in the workshop he will be holding for Beckmans students.

Yossi Lemel, born in 1957, is based in Tel Aviv, where he is involved in a wide range of activities in visual communications and teaches art. His hard-hitting and engaging posters often relate to the Middle Eastern conflict and the Israeli/Palestine situation. His collaborations with Greenpeace and Amnesty are well-known, alongside a fastidious selection of corporate assignments. In a long- term project in progress of a more private nature, Yossi Lemel focuses on his father, a Holocaust survivor.

"We are delighted to welcome Yossi Lemel to Beckmans College of Design, and look forward to his encounter with the students from our department for advertising and graphic design. In today's over-visualised society, the more refined means of reaching out to the public are often ignored, also in Swedish poster design. Yossi Lemel will be working with political messages with the students, and his approach using a seemingly simple yet hyper-effective artistic imagery will probably be a challenge to them," says Tom Hedqvist, principal of Beckmans College of Design.

The exhibition Anatomy of a Conflict will be on from 11 to 20 September, and will be open to the public from Friday, 11 September at 4 pm. Open Monday-Friday 4 pm - 7 pm, Saturday-Sunday 1 pm - 4 pm. Beckmans College of Design, Brahegatan 10 Underground station: Östermalmstorg.

Information editor: Sofia Hulting
Project manager: Anja Palmgren
Programme director, advertising and graphic design: Annika Berner
Senior lecturer, graphic design: Lars Fuhre
Producer of Anatomy of a Conflict: Sandra Weil

Beckmans Designhögskola

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