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News: Selected entries at the 4. China International Poster Biennial, Hangzhou 2009
September 10, 2009

Please see the original web site or the Call for entries for more details.

Belarus (1 Designers, 2 Poster Works)
Jouri Toreev "I'm green!"
Jouri Toreev "Potect Mental Health"/ "International Day For The Elimination Of Violance Against Women" (Series, 2 Posters)

China (43 Designers, 53 Poster Works)
Chang-Dong "global warming" (Series, 2 Posters) "The word movement, Ink" (Series, 4 Posters)
Ping-Bo "Life Series" (Series, 2 Posters)
Joseph Chan, "Care for persons with disabilities"
Cheng-Ta Chen / Carla Talopp "along the time line of Sul Le Fil" (Series, 5 Posters)
Deng Yuan-Jian "Water 1 / 2"
Deng Yuan-Jian "Atomic Bomb 1981"
Up to Zhi-xiang " 'TYPO Player'"/"' TYPO Poster'" (Series, 2 Posters)
Jing-Jing Gu "Whether a cat is black or white"
GUO Xian-Jun "In China" / "Ping" (Series, 2 Posters)
Huang Yonggang "antalis Products Promotional Series" (Series, 3 Posters) Black a molten "big business, 2-B" (Series, 5 Posters) "Social energy" (Series, 4 Posters)
Liu Fang-yi "Me"
Jiang-Ping Liu, "red stone"
Jiang-Ping Liu, "one of the series of sewage pollution in crab" / "one of the series of sewage pollution in fish" / "one of the series of sewage pollution in Frog" / "one of the series of sewage contaminated water" (Series, 4 Posters )
LI Jin-tao "No war, please! / Anti-war"
Liu Xiaowei "root / Root"
Liu Yi, "Zhejiang University College of the Arts 2009 Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition"
Lu Yang "Sea Level Is rising have you see that""
Liu Masanori / Yang Jie, "the Conservation of Nature" (Series, 2 Posters)
Miao Xiao-Yong "No Name"
Pan Xiaodong, "rhyme to explain" (Series, 3 Posters)
Song Bo Yuan "China Life" (Series, 2 Posters)
Wu-wei "Stop sexual harassment"
Wang Shi Feng, "Chinese Characters - Guangxi College of the Arts 70 Anniversary" Festival
Wu Wei "Three Gorges 178M" / "Blindeaf" (Series, 2 Posters)
Wang Hao / Wei Tang "movement up and tossed a rejection" (Series, 5 Posters)
Yang "Give My Clothing Book"
Yang Xiaokun / ZHOU / yellow route "Sichuan is still beautiful"
Cheng Pang Kwok-him, "San Dianshui, everyone is gay"
Zhou Feng, "the tenth anniversary of the Department of IP"
Zhou Feng, "Rebirth - Sichuan earthquake Festival"
Zhao Qing "heart by"
Zhao Qing, "Hong is about the deep beauty"
Zhao Qing, "07/70"
Qing Zhao, "Word Campaign"
Qing Zhao, "a cycle of Sun and Moon" (Series, 3 Posters) "Reincarnation Sun and Moon 2" (Series, 3 Posters)
Zhang Feng, "film" Black family "poster"

Hong Kong, China (2 Designers, 3 Poster Works)
Au Tak-Shing,Benny "Kazunari Hattori@miniminigallery"
Au Tak-Shing,Benny "Tokyo TDC BCCKS@miniminigallery"
Au Tak-Shing,Benny "1/4Typograghy Works From ShenZhen,China"
Kan Tai-keung "Ten Principles of Landscape Painting" (Series, 10 Posters)

Macau, China (2 Designers, 2 Poster Works)
Cheong Kuokwai "Seminar on Posters of Opera"
Hongjun industry "twenty-Macao International Music Festival"

Taiwan, China (6 Designers, 7 Poster Works)
Cai Cheng Ruei Tsai Cheng Rui "The Earth Consumer"
Chen Yongji "humane care"
Chen Yongji "mother tongue - with the Queen" / "mother tongue - Once the family" (Series, 2 Posters)
Ji Jian-Long "and the design and move forward - books, posters"
Ju Wei Cheng Wei-Cheng Chu "Taiwan Image"
Ken-Tsai LEE""" "Type Faces" (Series, 9 Posters)
Liu Jia "Book&Tree"

Croatia (2 Designers, 3 Poster Works)
Igor Kuduz "Ante KuDuz 50'60'70'80'90'00" (Series, 6 Posters)
Vanja Cuculic "Illiad 2001"
Vanja Cuculic "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Denmark (1 Designers, 2 Poster Works)
Finn Nygaard "Jazz 2009"
Finn Nygaard "Hommage a Fukuda"

Finland (1 Designers, 1Poster Works)
Kari Piippo "Kari Piippo Workshop"

France (5 Designers, 7Poster Works)
Alain Le Quernec "EGO"
Carla Talopp / Cheng-Ta Chen Sul Le Fil" (Series, 5 Posters)
Francois Caspar "Louise/The Bears"
Michel Bouvet "Frida & Diego"
Nous Travaillons Ensemble "That's Summer"
Pierre Bernard "Tomorrow is Decided Today"
Pierre Bernard "Children's Rights Make Pepole Grow"

Germany (6 Designers, 11Poster Works)
Andreas Uebele "Faculty Tour"
Gerwin Schmidt "Mother Tongue"
Gerwin Schmidt "100 Beste Posters Black"/ "Magenta"/ "Blue"/ "Yellow" (Series,4 Posters)
Helfried Hagenberg "Hagenberg ,Typography/Art"
Henning Wagenbreth "Chaumont"
Henning Wagenbreth "Jetzt!"
Zwolf "Christian Kjellvander-Tour 2008"
Zwolf "Jose Gonzalez-In Our Nature Tour" (Series, 2 Posters)
2xGoldstein "2.Adam Seide Day of Literature"
2xGoldstein "3.Adam Seide Day of Literature" (Series, 4 Posters), Designer Portraits" (Series, 2 Posters)

Iran (6 Designers, 8 Poster Works)
Aria Kasaei "False Flags"
Aria Kasaei "Na Group Exhibition of Women Painters"
Davood Mr.Morgan "The second National Festival Of Iranian Stories"
Hossein Yazdi "Exhebition of Logo"
Mehdi Saeedi "Take The Little Monster Seriously(Rat Transmits Forty Diseases to Humankind)"
Mehdi Saeedi "Single Hand Mehdi Saeedi Poster Exhibition"/ "The 21th Fajr International Music Festival" (Series,2 Posters)
Peyman Pourhosein "Horses At The Window"
Vahid Erfanian "The Word Graphics Day's Celebration"

Israel (1 Designers, 1 Poster Works)
Oded Ezer "Helvetica Live!"

Italy (1 Designers, 1 Poster Works)
Leonardo Sonnoli "Freedom and Order-Trieste"

Japan (12 Designers, 26 Poster Works)
Akiyama Takashi "'Start Here' Universiade-Shenzhen 2011"
Daisuke Sasaki "Close"
Daisuke Sasaki "Cultivate Seminar 04"
Daisuke Sasaki "Cultivate Seminar 03"
Daisuke Sasaki "Pain de nonta" (Series,3 Posters) "Sapporo ADC Creators Meeting 2009" (Series,3 Posters)
Junya Kamada "Campaign for 'No Dog Droppings'" (Series,2 Posters)
Katsui Mitsuo "Morisawa Font"/"Morisawa Moji" (Series,2 Posters) "Lithrone project:generative moment" (Series,7 Posters) "letters and love"/"letters and life" (Series,2 Posters)
Kikuch Kazuhiro "Soul Decoration"
Matsuishi Hiroyuki "Green Life"
Matsunaga Shin "Hiroshima Appeals 2007"
Mori Masayo "Terashima Design Co Poster Exhibition"
Nanbu Toshiyasu "Another Japan"
Ohsugi Gaku "Mesatex Japan Fabric 2009 "
Ohsugi Gaku "Money:The Numbers"
Ohsugi Gaku "Mesatex Japan Fabric 2008" (Series,3 Posters)
Sugita Haruka "Ozone Layer Depretion"
Sugita Haruka "Fear"
Sugita Haruka "Starwberryroom"
Terashima Masayuki "Sano Kenjiro Talk Show"
Terashima Masayuki "Sapporo Lilac Wine 2008"
Terashima Masayuki "Sumai Net Hokkaido 2008 Spring Issue"
Terashima Masayuki "Exito'09T"
Terashima Masayuki "Jagda Hokkaido Poster Exhibition 2008" (Series,9 Posters)

Korea (4 Designers, 19 Poster Works)
Kim Do-hyung "08/09 F/W Sfaa collection"
Kim Do-hyung "Peace One Day"
Kim Do-hyung "X1_10X1"
Kim Do-hyung "Jansoree"
Kim Do-hyung "Fashion Meets The Culture"
Kim Do-hyung "Slow Food"
Lee Mi-jung "The Two Faces"
Park Kum-jun "Islands Rhapsody"
Park Kum-jun "Bless China"
Park Kum-jun "601 Artbook Project 2007" (Series,4 Posters) "Ballerina Who Loves B-Boyz" (Series,3 Posters) "601 Artbook Project 2008" (Series,3 Posters) "The 10th Anniversary of 601bisang-'3i'" (Series,3 Posters)
Sun Byoung-il "Human Rights Recovery"
Sun Byoung-il "Oil spills affect human life"
Sun Byoung-il "Campus Shootings(Left)"
Sun Byoung-il "Campus Shootings(Right)"
Sun Byoung-il "Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival"
Sun Byoung-il "Thought on thought"

Poland (10 Designers, 13 Poster Works)
Elzbieta Chojna "Tango"
Evgeniusz Skorwider "Evgenenivsz & Max Skorwideroqte-Posters"
Leszek Zebrowski Unknow
Leszek Zebrowski Unknow
Max Skorwider "John Coltrane"
Michal Minor "City-Kossakowski Paintings Exhibition"
Piotr Kossakowski "Coexistence"
Piotr Mtodozeniec "Piotr Mlodozeniec's Exhibition" (Series,2 Posters)
Roman Kalarus "Joanna Piech-Graphic Roman Kalarus-Poster Exhibition in Minsk"
Roman Kalarus "'Point-G'Threelandies Exhibition Of Graphic Art"
Roman Kalarus "Roman Kalarus"
Ryszard Kaja "Dydo Poster Collections"
Tomasz Boguslawski "Personal Act by A.Pawlak"/"Frenzy For Two,or More by Ionesco"(Series,2 Posters)

Russia (1 Designers, 2 Poster Works)
Vladimir Chaika "No Title"
Vladimir Chaika "Lecture"/"Exhibition"/"Workshop.Chaika.Siberia" (Series,3 Posters)

Switzerland (12 Designers, 25 Poster Works)
Annik Troxler "Intimities 2007"
Annik Troxler "Leonie"
Annik Troxler "Intimities 2008"
Annik Troxler "Entwerfen and Bilden"
Bruno Monguzzi "Chiasso Jazz " (Series,3 Posters)
Claude Kuhn "EURO 08"
Cybu Richli & Fabienne Burri "Focused"
Daniel Peter "Natur-Struktur Flechten"/"Natur-Struktur Wasser"/"Natur-Struktur Insekten"(Series, 3 Posters)
Erich Brechbuhl "The Red Zora"
Erich Brechbuhl "100 BestPoster06 Berlin"
Erich Brechbuhl "100 BestPoster06 Essen"
Erich Brechbuhl "Macbeth"
Martin Woodtli "VideoEx08"
Melchior Imboden "50th Years Anniversery of Helvetica Letters Enrich"
Melchior Imboden "Designer Portraits And Posters By Melchior Imboden"
Melchior Imboden "Face To Face Invitational Poster Exhibition Pairs"
Niklaus Troxler "ES guets neus!(Happy New Year!)"
Niklaus Troxler "Jazz Festival Willisau 2008"
Niklaus Troxler "Charles Gayle Solo"
Niklaus Troxler "Literaturtage 2008"
Paula Troxler "Metamorphosen"
Res Eichenberger "150 Years Comedia"
Stephan Bundi "Mutters Courage"
Stephan Bundi "Boccaccio"

USA (3 Designers, 5 Poster Works)
Lance Rutter "Music Awards"
Lance Rutter "Hommage to Mucha"
Stefan Sagmeister "Strongest Thread"/"Piles"
Yann Legendre "Niki De Saint Phalle"
Yann Legendre "Fantasmagoria Fukuda"

Total number of entry participants:
19 countries & regions, 119 Designers or Groups, 178 Poster Works (Series)
Asia 106 Poster Works, Europe 66 Poster Works, America 5 Poster Works

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